And don’t slam the door on your way out!

FOR you, strategy and tactics were things other people do. Just go

The only person you really believed in was yourself. Go

You were arrogant, obstinate and vain. Go

Coming from a very comfortable background you never understood the working classes. Go

Worse, the people who pay their money didn’t like you. Go

You treated the press with barely concealed disgust. Go

You took a huge wage yet didn’t even attempt to step out of your comfort zone. Go

You are humourless, you don’t engage and we’ve barely seen you crack a smile. Go

If you had any humility or integrity you would have pushed off long since. Go

You were rude and lacked warmth. Go

You came in with a huge fanfare but never lived up to it. Go

Competence would have been enough. But you chose idealism even though your dreams were never going to fly. Go

You lost, then you lost and just for a change you lost some more.

Just go

Please go


Jeremy Corbyn or Manuel Pellegrini? You decide.

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